The elders have given a clear instruction: they demand moos, from the moo planet. Who will be so brave as to grant their request? Who will bring much needed moos to the Squidlet homeworld? 

Move with joystick 2, or on the web with arrow keys, press fire (joystick button or on web, z) to beam up a cow below you. Try not to get hit by the jets. Return to homebase by flying upwards above the game limit. 

You can play the game on mobile! Just go to the page on your mobile device and play; you'll have a joystick and a fire button to use! 

A small video game for the Commodore 64 home computer. My very first C64 game. Tested on real hardware. Written in 6502 assembly language. 

I might make some small improvements, like making it possible to shoot down the jets. That'll come in time. 

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1.0 PRG File (For Commodore 64) 21 kB
1.0 D64 (For Commodore 64) 170 kB


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Nice little game! Did you write it in Basic or assembly?
Also, you have an html web player for your game. I'm kinda curious how you did that :p


It's written in assembly language! And the web player is due to a really cool feature of this one online C64 emulator:


Oh that's quite impressive! I just started C64 Basic last year. Assembly is a bit too difficult for me. For now : p
But using mospeed gave me a pretty good result (in speed) anyway : )
Thanks for the link! I will check it out. It's easier to make people play my game. Then then they don't need to download it and stuff.

This was great. You should deffo develop it... different terrain etc. Love the noise when you're bringing up the moos

This is one of the best games for the C64 ever

Great work. The sounds effects are a nice addition. Keep on the good work !